Wednesday, 5 July 2017

My Trip Day Pump House

On Monday the Reading supports went to the pump house me and my friends were playing carat friends name is Isaiah and done and ash we were at the back of the seat it was fun.we went over the Ahab bridge and past the city and we were Nell there.When we got to the pump house we had our lunch and after that we went into the pump house and it had a number on it my number was 7 and devote and ash  and the show was cloud pump house it had Pirates in it and a boy and a mum and dad the boy was learning  about pirates and swords the pirates  shoot fireworks out of the gun and the dad kept on saying where's his money because they got a new house and he just kept on saying it and he would stop and the boy said to mum can you tell dad to stop saying we got a new house and stop saying where,s the money and next the dad cloud the babysitter and then the pirates were playing a game of dancing  we had to stand up and dancing and  that the end of my stories.

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