Friday, 11 December 2015

Prizzis giving

On Thursday At 2oclock it was prezzies giving! I was freaked out and wondering who will come 1st2nd and 3rd. Its was junior prizzis giving in the hall, nexts it was the year 3 items we all had to walk nicesle on the stage the girls had to stand up and the boys had to sit on their nes and the music ending up and we had to the girls movies and next it was ours try and the girls.
Had to nes down. 

Thursday, 10 December 2015


I learned lost because our teacher is wonderful every day and every day she taecheres us lost of cool work she talas us off. Want I don't like is when someone is mean to me i don't like when people are hating me and having frights with me, I don't like it how I feel like agency that's when someone being mean to me. I feel sad when I am hit by a big kid like a year 8 or 7 and 6 what was interesting was going kiwi sport was good was having I lave teacher miss king cool 

Friday, 4 December 2015


Room 13 went to play football. First we learnt the rules. They are; Stop. Pass. Look. No Hands and Dribbling. 
We were playing Cowboys and Indians. The rules for Cowboys and Indians is to kick the ball at the Indians legs. If the cowboys hit your legs then you are with them. The first person to run is the chief. Next we playing chains. We had to hold hands and when we let go 
 we stop running. The idea is to tag people while holding hands with your partner. 
Lastly we played a game of football before going back to class.