Thursday, 9 February 2017

Maths groups.

We lean't how to do ones and tens.
to make 46 + 12 = 58
first we add 6 ones + 2 ones = 8
Next we add 40 tens + 10 tens=50.
8 + 50 = 58.


  1. Hi Varnce.

    What an amazing effort in maths today! I was extremely impressed with how you and your team mates worked so well together, listened to each others ideas, and then solved this next problem without my help. Keep up the fantastic effort, Varnce!

    Miss West

  2. Good job Varnce! It's great to see what you are learning in Maths. Remember it's just 1 ten you are adding ...keep up the amazing effort!!

    1. Thank you for spotting this, Mrs Nua!

      Varnce, so instead of 40 tens + 10 tens, you are adding 4 tens + 1 ten which equals 5 tens, which is the same as 50. Remember, we can show this with the blocks. Your final answer is absolutely perfect!

      Miss West

  3. good job varnce at do your maths in room 9.