Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Our Swimming

First of all we talked about boats and following off the boat with a lifeJacket and without a lifeJacket.Next we went to go for a shower near the Spa pool.After that we did our  falling off the boat with a lifeJacket and without a lifeJacket.we put our hand on our heads and our nose.Later on we did the chain holding onto our back of the lifejacket we were paddling backwards to the person at the back of us.In the end we huddled into a group like a ball and then we had free time. we had fun.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Wry Bills At Risk.

Who were Fergus and Ella Helping?
Fergus and Ella were helping the river care people.
What did the river care people do?
They were pulling the weds and checking the tracks.
When did Ella went down to the Kalahari River?
One fine Saturday morning in July, Fergus Miles.
Where do the wry bill?
Only in New Zealand.
Why wry bill left, and each year , their number gets.  
People may accidentally smash the eggs by walking or driving over them.