Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Varnce Planning and writing a recount - template - copy

Now that you have made a plan, i t ' s time to write your recount  full sentences:
First of all we went to our assembly  the morning on Friday were talking about matariki and kuir flats school we were talking about floats floats means fish
NEXT We went to room 15 we dd act and craft  played lego and path and drawing and playing Monopoly went to my class to grab my Chromebook and we played g-switch and y-8 2 player with Kevin. After that It was morning tea time for morning tea I had banana and raise and dip and go. Later on after morning tea I did the same thing.the end after lunch we had to watch a movie for 10 minute and after that we went to assembly and went home.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Parts Of A Bicycle.

If your under 5 years old then you need training wheels or you can help you son to they will lean how to ride a bike. If want to ride fast you have to pedal fast or if you have gears you can lose it. If your scared and you're going down a long hill then you can lose your gears of brakes. If your going up a hill if i was you i will lose my gears or get a mountain bike. At the end they know how to lose their gear and there breaks when they up and down.

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