Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Voice Over For My Animation

First Batman and Hulk did not know which rocket ship to take and then they had to find the rocket ship in pt England primary school. Batman and Hulk found a rocket ship in the hall to  fly into space Hulk had to stay behind to look after Pt England .school. while  Batman went to find a new home.Batman went to mars that is red in colour it is the fourth planet from the sun. it has the highest mountain in our solar system.


  1. Hi Varnce, WOW!! this story sounds so exciting that I can't wait to see your animation. I especially love the part about Hulk staying behind to look after our school and how you added some facts in there about Mars!.. Good job buddy! Keep working hard and being amazing.

  2. Kia ora, Varnce! I wonder what kind of rocket ship Batman and Hulk found in Pt England School? I'm so looking forward to watching your animation when it's finished to find out! The story sounds amazing. Like Timmi, I love how you have included facts about Mars.