Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Runaway Robot

The Scientist was invention a kind robot that liked to be kind to other people. The good robot michelin runaway. It was his first time seeing the world he had a light on him and he could fly everywhere to other people. He came to Pt England School to help other people to be kind.he loved playing with all the people to feel happy.he taught Toby how to not talk on the mat and not play around on the mat. He taught Captain Underpants how to save people and fly properly when he's saving people.Then Captain Underpants seid to the to the The good robot Scientist michelin “thank you for Teaching me.” The good robot said to Pt England School I “Want to stay at Pt England school to help the kids and we well be happy forever.the good robot taught the big kids how to not jump onto the Basketball hoop and the good robot said ”please” and the big kids did Listen to The good robot.He loved staying at PT England school because they were being nice to the good robot.
varnce robot.jpg

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